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Badger Fire ExtinguishersBadger Fire Extinguishers

“Don't gamble with your fire protection needs”

Our company has been involved with the service, repair and installation of chemical fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers for over 30 years. At Code Red Fire Services we take Fire Protection Service seriously to insure that you, your employees and your business are protected in case of a fire or life emergency.

We are fire protection experts, so you don't have to be!

Each of our technicians are trained and certified on local and federal codes to insure that you and your business are protected and compliant. Fire Protection compliance is a minimum requirement for code and insurance policies. Our sales technicians will insure that you meet these minimum requirements. However, meeting minimum requirements do not always insure the best Fire Protection for your employees and your business. For added piece of mind, our trained technicians are available to do a courtesy walk through of your business to recommend extra coverage for those “unexpected” occupancy hazards.

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A-1 Code Red Fire Services is proud to be the Regional Distributor for Badger Fire Protection!

Fire Extinguishers

Badger Fire Extinguishers comply with local codes and are approved or listed by:
Badger Extinguisher
    National Fire Protectin Association
    Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.
    Department of Transportation
    United States Coast Guard
    Underwriters Labratories of Canada, Inc.

*All of our Fire Extinguishers use non-toxic, ozone-friendly extinguishing agents.

Did you know that all Fire Extinguishers were not created equally? Learn how to choose the correct fire extinguisher!

Fire Suppression - Automatic Systems

Dry Chemical System
IndustryGuard - An economical, easy to install and maintain dry chemical system ideal for protecting industrial applications and spray booths.
Wet Chemical System
RangeGuard - The proven, commercial kitchen system that uses wet chemical to suppress a fire.

Industry Gaurd        Range Gaurd